UNTITLED Miami Beach 2021
November 29 - December 4, 2021
Booth A61

Helen J Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at UNTITLED Miami Beach 2021 from November 29 to December 4, 2021 at Booth A61. For the fair, Helen J Gallery presents works by Sungwoo Han, Mikyung Kim, Jae Hwan Lim, KyungChul Shin, and Woo Byoung Yun. 

Sungwoo Han︎︎︎ (b. 1984; Seoul, Korea) received his MFA in Painting from Korae National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea and BFA from Korea University, Seoul Korea. His solo exhibition has been held at Place Membrane, Seoul, Korea; Songeun Art Cube, Seoul, Korea; Awon Museum, Jeonju, Korea; Byul-gwan, Seoul, Korea; A-L, Seoul, Korea; On Ground 2, Seoul, Korea; Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheongju, Korea; Space BM, Seoul, Korea; and Willing N Dealing, Seoul, Korea. His works have been included in group exhibitions held at Onsu Gonggan, Seoul, Korea; Wess, Seoul, Korea; Hakgojae, Seoul, Korea; A-L, Seoul, Korea; Art Space 3, Seoul, Korea; Beiling Commune, China; Boan1942, Seoul, Korea; AramNuri Arts Center, Goyang, Korea; WooJaeGil Art Museum, Gwangju, Korea; Schema Art Museum, Cheongju, Korea; Space K, Gwacheon, Seoul; Amado Art Space, Seoul, Korea; Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheongju, Korea; Daegu EXCO, Korea; Cheongju Museum of Art, Korea; Willing N Dealing, Seoul, Korea; and Common Center, Seoul, Korea.

Mikyung Kim︎︎︎ (b. 1964; Seoul, Korea) is a Seoul-based artist. Her subtle, yet intricately layered paintings embrace the metaphoric quality of painting process as an expression of personal experiences, relationships, and memories. Kim received her MFA and AS in Graphic Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City and BFA in English Literature from SungKyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea. Selected solo exhibitions include Gallery 254, Seoul, Korea; Gallery b’ONE, Seoul, Korea; Gallery White Birch, Seoul, Korea; Alter Ego, Seoul, Korea; Dr. Park Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea; Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY; and Amos Eno Gallery, New York, NY. Kim’s work has been included in group exhibitions at venues such as Dohinart Gallery, Seoul, Korea; Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea; Datz Museum of Art, Gwangju(Gyeonggi), Korea; OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea; White Block Art Center, Heyri, Gyeonggi Korea; Keumboseong Art Center, Seoul, Korea; Deutsche Bank, New York, NY; The Temporary Museum of Painting, Brooklyn, NY; A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY; and Artists Space, New York, NY. Kim’s work is included in Datz Museum of Art Public Collections.

Jae Hwan Lim︎︎︎ (b. 1995; Seoul, Korea) is a politically-driven artist-activist focusing on human rights and the struggles for democracy in South and North Korea. His social practice projects, installations, and performances examine violence in society and politics. Lim is the founder and director of Humans of North Korea (HNK), an organization that advocates for North Korean defectors in the United States and for global citizenship. He has been awarded Hammer Museum Kay Nielsen Memorial Drawing Award and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture Community Organizer Grant. Lim has served as a Delegate at the Northwestern University Conference for Human Rights and Hyundai Motor Company Art-Uni-On Fellowship artist. He has exhibited at the Global Network for Rights and Development in Stavanger, Norway; the University of Chicago Center for East Asian Studies in Chicago, IL; Broad Art Center and Kerckhoff Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA; and the University of Helsinki, Finland. Lim's artworks and ephemera are archived in Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA). Lim holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio from the University of California, Los Angeles. He received BFA in Studio Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an ISI certificate in Political Science and International Relations from the Seoul National University.

KyungChul Shin︎︎︎ (b.1978; Daegu, Korea) received his BFA from Daegu University, Daegu, Korea. Solo exhibitions of his work have been held at Leeahn Gallery, Seoul, Korea (2018); Wumin Art Center, Cheongju, Korea (2018); Daegu Arts Center; Daegu, Korea (2016); Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, Korea (2013); Space Gachang, Daegu, Korea (2012); Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, Korea (2010); Space 129, Daegu, Korea (2006); and Cube C, Daegu, Korea (2004). Recent group exhibitions have been held at Gachang Studio, Daegu, Korea (2018); National Taiwan University of Arts Yo-Chang Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan (2018); Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, Korea (2018); Shinsegae Gallery, Daegu, Korea (2017); Space K, Daegu, Korea (2017); ARTPLACE, Seoul, Korea (2017); Suseong Public Library, Daegu, Korea (2017); Leeahn Gallery, Daegu, Korea (2017); and the National Centre of Contemporary Art, Volga Branch, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia (2016).

Woo Byoung Yun︎︎︎ (b. 1988; Daegu, Korea) creates intricately textured plaster paintings to explore notions of nature, coexistence, and harmony. His philosophical inquiry into nature is marked by his focus on materiality; his labor-intensive practice involves sculpting forms with plaster, covering their surfaces with gouache, and then scratching them away. His solo exhibitions have been held in Seoul at Hoard Gallery, House Musee, and None-Seoul. Group exhibitions have been held at Seongnam Art Center, Pyeongchang-dong Mass Gallery, and Nonhyeon-dong Total Marble. His work has also been featured at Art Busan.

Helen J Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Los Angeles. Specializing in Asian art and design, the gallery features vibrant programming and exhibitions geared towards embracing Asian culture and the diaspora. Our program aims to promote artists from various geographic locations and diverse backgrounds, foster cross-continental dialogue, and broaden the understanding of Asian culture in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

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