Vibrant Duet
Matthew Langley and Soojung Park 
June 29 - August 17, 2024

Helen J Gallery is pleased to present Vibrant Duet, an exhibition of large-scale color field paintings by New York-based artist Matthew Langley and pigment-saturated plexiglass works by Los Angeles-based artist Soojung Park. This marks the first presentation for both artists at the gallery.

Langley’s paintings, characterized by vertical lines or circular abstractions, stem from his intuitive approach to developing color palettes. This exploration of color is the primary focus of Langley’s work, brought to life through a wet-on-wet technique that reveals thin layers of acrylic pigment akin to a developing story. Langley's process resembles the improvisation of a jazz musician, offering a captivating insight into the artist’s creation process.

Park works on plexiglass and other cast acrylic forms, casting layers of ink pigment onto etched and buffed surfaces. Each line of pigment represents a unique emotive state, reflecting the artist’s profound emotional depth. Park’s process involves both painting and un-painting, as pigments are rubbed away or layered over during the artist’s revisits. These dynamic, translucent quadrangles are meditative objects that demonstrate the artist’s patience and perception.

Through their explorations of light and color, both artists offer a range of dynamic and tender reflections on the human condition. Their densely layered compositions give form to the spontaneity of the present while merging memories of the past that are as personal as they are universal.


Sponsored by: Yobo Spirit House’s Kish Apéritif


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