b.1984, Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Cheonan, Korea

For Sungwoo Han, painting is a liminal place where unnamed, forgotten things find a home. His recent works take inspiration from ambiguous situations such as landscape between seasons or remaining patterns and traces from wallpaper. Han’s rough, textured brushstrokes render these scenes abstract while simultaneously bringing out the reality of such moments.

Han received his MFA in Painting from Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea and BFA from Korea University, Seoul Korea. His solo exhibition has been held at Place Membrane, Seoul, Korea; Songeun Art Cube, Seoul, Korea; Awon Museum, Jeonju, Korea; Byul-gwan, Seoul, Korea; A-L, Seoul, Korea; On Ground 2, Seoul, Korea; Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheongju, Korea; Space BM, Seoul, Korea; and Willing N Dealing, Seoul, Korea. His works have been included in group exhibitions held at Onsu Gonggan, Seoul, Korea; Wess, Seoul, Korea; Hakgojae, Seoul, Korea; A-L, Seoul, Korea; Art Space 3, Seoul, Korea; Beiling Commune, China; Boan1942, Seoul, Korea; AramNuri Arts Center, Goyang, Korea; WooJaeGil Art Museum, Gwangju, Korea; Schema Art Museum, Cheongju, Korea; Space K, Gwacheon, Seoul; Amado Art Space, Seoul, Korea; Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheongju, Korea; Daegu EXCO, Korea; Cheongju Museum of Art, Korea; Willing N Dealing, Seoul, Korea; and Common Center, Seoul, Korea.