Opening: Huh Myoung Wook “Time As Color” & Woo Byoung Yun “Superposition”

April 17, 2021

Opening: “The Things Between You and Me”

December 12, 2020

Helen J Gallery is proud to present The Things Between You and Me: Candice Joo & Choi Young Wook, a joint exhibition at Helen J Gallery. Highlighting this mediation of objects, each artist presented contemplates life’s encounters by repeatedly rendering an object of their choice. On continued display are Choi Young Wook's karmic moon jars, featured alongside emerging contemporary artist Candice Joo's object chains. Choi and Joo depict dramatic landscapes of interconnectedness, their paintings together conveying the multidimensionality of selfhood, relationships, and collectivity.

Mask and social distancing are required upon entry.

Tea Ceremony with Kioh Specialty Tea

November 21, 2020

“On a placid afternoon, I was lovingly introduced to tea master Kioh Park, who guided me through an hour-long tea ceremony. Ten cups of Iron Goddess Oolong and Pu’er later, I’d learned the origin, history, and colonization story of tea. I knew which teas to drink for different ailments. I’d picked up a pouring technique and inhaled the fragrance of the brew much in the way I would with wine. We talked flavors. We talked notes. We talked complexity. We talked, unrushed, while slowly sipping the earthy drink."
—Diana Ryu, chief of staff, Goop

“With over 20 years as an avid tea connoisseur and sommelier, I hope to turn your curiosity into a lifestyle. From our tea class, not only will you drink and learn about tea, you will also get to learn and experience various tea brewing methods.”
—Kioh Park, Kioh Specialty Tea

Join us on Saturday, November 21st for a tea ceremony with Kioh Park! As most have barely scratched the surface, learn about the history, culture and brewing methods of tea with Kioh.

The workshop will cost $100 per person. All materials will be provided.

RSVP to info@helenjgallery.com. Space is limited so to maintain social distancing.

Bojagi Workshop with Ellen Lee from Nossi

November 12, 2020

Bojagi is a reusable wrapping cloth from Korea made with a variety of materials such as silk and ramie. It can be used for everyday use from storing objects to gift wrapping—and even as a bag!

Join us for a bojagi workshop with Nossi’s founder Ellen Lee and experience the beauty of wrapping. In this course, you will learn to tie 5 different knots and take home your creations. We look forward to welcoming you to this unique cultural experience!

The workshop will cost $100 per person. All materials will be provided.

RSVP to info@helenjgallery.com. Space is limited so to maintain social distancing.

Grand Opening & Opening: Choi Young Wook “Karma”

October 3, 2020

Inaugural Opening: Minku Kim “S.E.P”

July 25, 2020