Based in Seoul, Korea

Huh Myoung Wook’s Objects (HMW Object) is a line of homeware made with ottchil—traditional Korean lacquer. Over a long period of time, renowned artist Huh applies layers of ottchil to each work in order to reveal its glossy, vibrant hue. His studio always maintains a 70% humidity rate and an 86 degree temperature to best serve this method. Huh likens his process to marination in cooking; just as individual ingredients coalesce over a long period of time to achieve a complex flavor, each color he applies to his objects meld together to create a depth of visual and emotional energy.

Huh Myoung Wook (b. 1966) connects traditional Korean craft and contemporary art by reinventing the possibilities of ottchil within his work. To apply this traditional finish in a more versatile manner, Huh mixes ottchil with various modern painting mediums. Using this new substance, he creates paintings, sculptures, and everyday objects. Huh received his BFA for Metal Craft from Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Selected solo exhibitions include Gana Art, Seoul; Koo House, Gyeong-gi; Gallery Noma, Dae-gu; Arario Gallery, Seoul; Cho Eun Sook Gallery, Seoul; Urasoe Art Museum, Okinawa; and Royal Gallery, Seoul. Huh has participated in international fairs such as New York Art Fair, NY; Palm Beach Art Fair, FL; Palm Springs Art Fair, CA; Seattle Art Fair, WA; Art Hamptons, NY; Art Miami, FL; Art Singapore; and Art London, London.